Python Basics

Python is a well-known programming language with a very simple structure. Python runs on all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) and is used by big companies in the software industry such as Google, Yahoo, NASA, Path and Pinterest.  Learning Python not only enriches children with a skill to build almost anything in computing, it also helps graduates place themselves more competitively in the job market.  The objectives of this workshop enables one to learn the basics of Python, understand some language features and develop simple applications on console. Don’t hesitate, here is an opportunity to dip your feet into the real world of coding.

Who is it for

Recommended for ages 13 who have completed The Valley course or ages 21 and above

Number of Sessions: 1 (3 hours)

What you need

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Fee: SG$100

Laptop will be collected by the tutor after each class.
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