Felicia Chua

Chief Operating Officer

Felicia is Chief Operating Officer of Coding Garage. As a chartered accountant, she started her career as a tax consultant in Deloitte and progressed into pricing credit financial instruments in Tier 1 European investment banks across London and Singapore. As a trained fashion designer, she is also extremely passionate about creating all things beautiful. Felicia co-founded Simply Allegra Kids, a fun and whimsical children’s fashion brand in Singapore. Managing time out of her busy schedule, Felicia coordinates fundraising events for a local philanthropy organisation as well. Felicia is a huge fan of the Paypal Mafia and believes that every child should be exposed to computing at the earliest opportunity.


Chief Executive Officer

Wahyudi is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovation Officer of Coding Garage. As a veteran in the software industry, Wahyudi has nearly 2 decades of vast experience as a software architect and developer. His experiences span from Zanox in Berlin, Yahoo! Mobile in Munich, to Siemens in Munich and New York. Upon his return to South East Asia, Wahyudi has since been a serial entrepreneur. He pioneered the teaching of coding in Indonesia to a younger audience in 2013 and discovered a unique way of imparting his knowledge to children to enable them to take the pilot seat in technology. This means that our next generation can now have empowerment over technology, instead of using it only as an application. Wahyudi has since taught over 300 children, spanning from ages 5 to 18. Wahyudi currently holds the position of CEO at Macroad Indonesia, the largest technology and advertising platform on Jakarta’s rail network. Wahyudi still writes codes on a daily basis.

Jasmine Tang


Jasmine manages the finances and business strategy for the company. Jasmine has 12 years of experience in the financial industry from London to Singapore, with her previous role as Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in the firm’s Investment Management Division. Prior to banking, Jasmine started her career at Singapore Technologies Aerospace, having earned a 2nd class upper honors degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Glasgow. She is currently a business consultant as well.

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