Our Mission

Coding Garage advocates inclusivity in our tech era and believes that ALL can learn to code, from the very young to our elderly. We aim to align ourselves with global plans for our next generation and safeguard their future. This will equip our future thought leaders with crucial skills as coding will soon be the most important job skill across industries. Also, we want to encourage our seniors to keep their brains sharp. Thanks to neuroplasticity, learning new skills such as coding is an excellent protective factor against dementia. Besides, one can never be too old to code.

Our Approach

Coding Garage encourages creativity, the foundation of Entrepreneurship. Coding opens avenues for one to be an Entrepreneur at any age; and enables everyone to enhance their skills in structured thinking and creativity, which are integral skills for assimilating mathematical and scientific concepts. We utilize interactive stories and games to make learning fun and this has been well received by both parents and children. After our classes, parents see their children finding more joy in creating instead of playing.

Our Methodology

Coding Garage’s CEO developed a learning methodology encompassing input and output: The i/o Method. Every lesson is an “Input”, which represents architecting your object while “Output” represents completed projects, to provide students with a sense of accomplishment. Some of the key elements of the i/o methodology include “Keeping it Real” which relates to the use of real world examples and “We are Coding”, which entails showcasing real code even when teaching block programming languages. The i/o learning methodology is implemented throughout all of Coding Garage’s curriculum.

Our Student Alumni

All students of Coding Garage are invited to join Coding Garage – The Infinite Loop, our global student alumni group which provides students with life long learning access to free help and advice on new projects that they are creating on their own, having completed our classes. This is our commitment to all our students, be it past or present. We see this as a way to encourage students to do more with the programs learnt through us.

Why Learn to Code

To empower ourselves and the next generation to take the pilot seat in technology, enabling us to become creators, as opposed to consumers of Tech.

Children who learn to code at an early age will benefit in understanding coding concepts with greater ease and in more depth in their later years.

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