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Coding enables our children to enhance their skills in structured thinking and creativity, these skills can in turn help with math and science. Learning to code gives our children the sense of being a creator in the digital world, our world. We have solutions for students starting as young as age 5.

Our Curriculum

Hello World

First step into computational thinking
For ages 5-7

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The Garage

Scratch based class to learn the foundations of coding.
For ages 8-12

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The Valley

First step into mobile development. Build a real app.
For ages 13-19

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The Dorm

Enter the world of web development, learn HTML, CSS.
For ages 20 and up

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About Us

Coding Garage delivers coding lessons to children at schools and enrichment centres as part of an enrichment class. The classes are based on our prepared curriculum which has been successful overseas. Our founders have had first-hand experience in training children as young as age 5 to adults.

The Team

Felicia Chua

Chief Operating Officer
Managing Director


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Innovation Officer

Jasmine Tang


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